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PaintingZ Philosophy

Art Should Be Affordable.

Art should be accessible. There is no need to overpay for high-quality custom paintings.

Today, we may continue to benefit from the legacy of Da Vinci, Monet, Van Gogh, and numerous other artists by studying and working on their works.

A Painting Is A Gift.

Seven out of every ten paintings purchased on PaintingZ are presented as gifts. Gifts are a favorite both to give and receive. Gifts are reportedly one of several ways to show someone you care. PaintingZ is proud to assist our clients in making this happen.

Work Is Fun.

When a custom art piece turns out beautifully and a client is thrilled with it, we know we've done our job. At PaintingZ, the act of creation itself is something that offers our painters delight. 

Every one of our artists is here because they like being artists. One artist says he still gets fresh inspiration with each new Monet job, even after 15 years and hundreds of Monet copies done for customers worldwide.

More Than Replica

Our artists see themselves as creatives, which helps them avoid the trap of mechanical copying or recreating art for the sake of art. They are able to correctly identify what is seen in an image. They pick up on details that aren't part of the picture yet are still crucial. Which is why we exclusively hire seasoned studio artists. There are some of them who have been artists for almost three decades.

Instead of just trying to make a copy seem like the original, our "deep copyists" go to great lengths to capture the essence of the original work. Before beginning a project, artists must address questions like: why the original artist employed this method; why these colors; how the characters in the picture are related; in what directions do they gaze; and so on. PaintingZ never claims that a piece is an exact replica of an original or a photograph. There is more to art than meets the eye, and we appreciate that.

Homage & Recreation

We believe all reproduced artworks, whether based on a painting or a photograph, are art. We are proud of our work. When we recreate a masterpiece, we pay tribute to the artist who created it. When a customer comes in with a photograph to have it painted, we breathe fresh life into the image. 

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